About Us

First, we would like to thank John Norris, the creator of Shark Bridge playing engine, for giving us the opportunity to create the most exciting Bridge game to date and World Bridge Computer Champion in 2014 and 2011.

John has MSc degree from the Technical University of Denmark, and have his own software development company Elisa IT. Shark was originally developed in the 90's like a bidding and dealer tool. John wanted to make a robot bridge player, who would play the way humans do. He made a lot of structural drafts and small drawings how the modules should work together, but it took some years before he actually started the programming.


In 2006 Shark for the first time participated in the world bridge computer championship, and finished last. But already in 2007 Shark was close to a place in the semifinal, and in 2008 Shark then made it to the semifinal, but lost narrowly to the eventual Champion WBridge5.

In 2009 and 2010 an individual world championship was held, where the robots played everyone but themselves. Shark won both these championships. This proved that John's idea was good, but that he had to add more Shared brain factor. Shark lost in the semifinal in the robot teams event.

In 2011 Shark won the computer bridge championship, convincingly beating QPlus in the final.

In 2014, Shark won the championship again, beating Micro Bridge in a close, very well-played and low-scoring final.

In 2016, Shark lost it's semi-final match against Wbridge5 on carry-over IMPs.

In 2018, Shark narrowly missed the semi-final.


Now a bit more about us.

Milen Milkovski is the founder and lead programmer of L'Atelier D'Ema. He had worked on a number of Bridge games for mobile devices since 2008 (the year the iPhone pick up popularity and revolutionized mobile devices). He was instrumental in bringing the popular Audrey Grant's bridge and iBridgeBaron to Apple and Android devices. Both apps are the highest rated bridge games in Apple's App Store. In 2014 he started the work on 'the most human-like play' and feature-rich computer game - Shark Bridge. Milen learned to play the game of bridge when he was 12 and is grateful for the opportunity to have a carrier closely related to his favorite card game.

Plamen Panaytov is long time bridge enthusiast, Milen's high school buddy and bridge partner. Plamen has expertise in business development and bridge, bringing a unique combination to our team. To reach our goal: have the most popular and enjoyable computer bridge game, we need a solid business model behind it, allowing us to dedicate our time to it.

Extensa Web Development is our partner helping us navigate the Internet and pick the right technologies for it.