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Diana Knowles - Gold Life Master, bridge knowledge with a warm sense of humour

I combine bridge knowledge with a warm sense of humour. Am a Gold Life Master, teaching 2/1, Standard American, play of the hand, defence, hand evaluation, beginners and more. I am also a certified Best Practice Online teacher and teach using Power Point and Shark Bridge.  My students say: Diana's lessons have filled a void at our club. Her lessons are well organized and she is always available to answer questions at any time. Her sense of humour makes the lessons that much more enjoyable. Merle A. Diana, with dedication and humour has taken a great deal of time and effort to share her expertise for the game. She is an excellent role model as these classes encouraged us to be better players. Marian H. Diana's lessons are well prepared & entertainingly presented on Power Point. Diana's message is reinforced by students playing pre-set hands throughout the lessons. Leah K I have found Diana's lessons most helpful. Her Power Point presentation and way of explaining things clear & concise. She includes humour which adds to our enjoyment.

Diana teaches:

 Private Lessons
 Group Lessons
 Classes at a club

Please contact her at dknowles9@icloud.com