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How to import PBN or LIN files

Shark lets you import and play deals from PBN or LIN files, the teacher can send you those, or you can download from sources like the Common Game and BBO. 

  • How to import deals on iPhone/iPad
    • Open an email with attached pbn/lin file, or locate one in your Files App
    • Touch (touch and hold on older OS) the file name and you will be prompted to select an App to open it with. 
    • Choose Shark Bridge from the available options, Shark will open and you can go to Deal Library.
  • How to import on Mac or PC
    • Open an Email with attached pbn/lin, and save the attached file to your disk. Remember where you saved it. Alternatively, some email programs will ask you which program to use to open the file you can choose Shark Bridge if you do that skip next step.
    • Open Shark Bridge go to Deal Library. From the top left choose Import Pbn/Lin, Shark will ask you to navigate to the file, select it, and choose 'Open'.
  • All Imported files will show as groups in your Deal Library
  • Now choose a group, select a deal, and choose Replay to play from scratch, for hands that have saved auction or tricks you can choose Play to continue the hand.