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Bidding lesson and practice

How to organize a bidding lesson without hand play.

Note: For uncontested auctions, use passing robots. It is done on the Add Table screen (switch Normal to Passing), or you can right-click on the Run Robots button on the control panel and make them pass. Then you just Run Robots during the auction.

For your bidding only lessons, you can create deals that have cards only in the hands involved in the auction (those cannot be played). You can still Run Robots so that the auction moves on without your involvement.

For more fine-grained control of the auction, you can do the following (do not Run Robots in this phase):
1. Load a deal
2. All dealer players bid
3. You look at choices, comment, and bid the right choice from the Teacher's table.
4. Bid for the next player (empty seat) from the Teacher's table
5. Now the auction is back to the dealer’s partner who chooses what to bid
6. You repeat step #3
And continue until the auction is over. Now make the opening lead from theTeacher's table. Move everyone into the declarer seat, and Run Robots. Or go to the next bidding hand.

For basic bidding situations, you can use the Deal Generator, create a set, and adjust the conditions on the hands so they produce the desired auction. Now in a session, choose “Deal Generator,” select your Set, press “Play,” hit “Next Deal” (a deal is generated ), hit “Run Robots,” or follow the controlled auction routine

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