Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I play with Shark Bridge?

We created a screen by screen tutorial on how to use Shark Bridge.

iPad : Click Here

iPhone : Click Here

Mac : Click Here

Why am I asked to purchase Bridge Enthusiast?

The following features require the Bridge Enthusiast Upgrade (US $19.99):

Click here to upgrade your Shark Bridge account.

- Unlimited number of random deals
- Save hands to favorites, email hands to friends.
- Standard American( SAYC ), Two over One and Acol  bidding systems.
- 9 WBF, ACBL and European tournaments from 2014, 2013, 2011
- Basic Online Play : create, join and kibitz at any table

Purchasing Bridge Enthusiast is a one time purchase.  Your Shark Bridge account will be elevated to “Bridge Enthusiast “ for life, for a one time fee of US $ 19.99. With your purchase you will also receive a one year VIP subscription as a bonus.

Do I need VIP subscription

The following features require VIP subscription (US $24.99 / year). 

Click here to order or renew your VIP subscription from here.

- Daily tournament of at least 16 boards.
- Unlimited number of hands randomly picked from all possible bridge hands
- Choose any available bidding systems
- WBF and ACBL tournaments, currently we offer more than 30K boards from 32 events
- VIP online play : manage friends, block players, invite players
- Par Contract Calculator
- Personal Deal library, available to all of your devices
- Advanced Deal Generator
- Deal Analysis
- Highest priority for feature requests

Windows Shark Bridge?

Here is the installer download link :

Note this version was only tested on Windows 10 and Windows 7. At this time only Random Play and Daily Tournament modules are ready to go, as well as Settings for the convention cards and the interface, the signals are in the works and should be finished next weeks. Let us know how it goes, you can start playing in today's tournament right away.

Here are 3 important actions you can take during the auction to better communicate with the robot.

  • 1. Any time you are not sure of a bid by Shark, right click on the bid in the Auction list and a description will come up.
  • 2. Also move the mouse over the position label of a hand a hand tray at any time to get a cumulative description of the hand based on the auction.
  • 3. If you are not sure how Shark will understand your bid, before you make it right click on it and a description of what Shark will understand will come up.
Mac computer, can I install Shark Bridge?

You can download Shark Bridge for Mac version from here Mac App Store

Click here for a detailed online manual how to use the program. 

Shark Points, Player Levels and Ranks

Shark points are awarded for completed Daily Bridge Tournaments and boards in the Online Bridge Club.
Click Here for Shark General Ranking List.

  • For every percentage from completed Daily Bridge Tournament you earn 0.01 Shark Points (65.5% = 65.5x0.01=0.655 Shark Points)
  • For every percentage from every 16 boards played in the Online Bridge Club you earn 0.0033 Shark Points. Percentage is computed based on your match points of possible 16 match points.

The General Rank is determined by the number of Shark Points

Player Level is based on Shark Points and the schedule below

  • 0-5         level 2
  • 5-12       level 3
  • 12-28     level 4
  • 28-50     level 5
  • 50-80     level 6
  • 80-110   level 7
  • 110-140 level 8
  • 140-190 level 9
  • 190-240 level 10
  • 240-340 level J
  • 340-440 level Q
  • 440-600 level K
  • 600-800 level A
  • 800+ star player with special perks from Shark :)
How do I know if I played the hand well?

The Par Contract module will tell you if the contract that you have played could have been made or set. Go to Deal Analysis - touch on Calculate Par Contract ( note it might take a few seconds to compute the result). Now you can see how many tricks each side can take in any trump or NT contract.

If you failed to make your contract and Par Contract shows you can, then replay the hand and find the solution, it exist. Not every solution is obvious or achievable on a live table, sometimes the solution hangs on a 50-50 chance, and you have no way of knowing which choice will work to your advantage. There are number of strategies to help you avoid wild guessing, you can learn a lot about those from here 

It is important to understand that Par Contract calculation is a double dummy process, the computer sees all hands. When the robots play they do not see all hands, thus there is no guarantee Shark will give you the hints to reach the solution. It is especially hard to find any given solution when defending. 

Example : 6H by East is the Par Contract for 980 points. Note that sacrifices are accounted for when Par Contract is calculated. 

How do I force a bid?

You can change any bid the computer makes. Touch and hold a bid from the Auction list and you can change it. 

How do I force a play?

You can change any played card by the computer. Touch and hold the card to the current trick or the last trick and you can pick any other card to replace it.

How do I create my own deal?

Personal Deal Library let's you save, create or edit deals. We have created screen by screen tutoral on how to utilize it.

iPad / Mac :  Click Here

iPhone :  Click Here