Thanksgiving free Daily Bridge Tournaments 2018

Happy Thanksgiving day to Shark Bridge players from the USA.

Starting Wednesday, Nov 21st thru Sunday, Nov 25th Shark's Daily Tournament is free for all.

Challenge your friends to join you for a friendly 16 boards match.
Don't hesitate to reply to this message with any questions and recommendations.

For those of you that have not tried The Interactive Daily Bridge Column from Audrey Grant, The Columns are the best mini bridge lessons available to your mobile device or computer.
You can register for a 30 day free trial with the link below.


When: from Nov 21st (Wednesday)  to Nov 25th (Sunday)  2018 between 12:01 AM - 11:59 PM ET (GTM -5).  Please adjust to your time zone.

Rules: All participants play 16 boards each day. Shark robots will play for partner and opponents. Scoring is in MP %. The boards have to be completed with in the 24 hour period, no limit on breaks. You do not need VIP subscription or Bridge Enthusiast upgrade to play in this event.

How to play :

Here are some tips for better results with Shark Bridge:

  • Have some practice with the Extra Tournaments module before Saturday's Event. It offers boards played by the masters of the game, each board comes with a complete auction and trick-by-trick review.
  • Any time you are not sure of a bid by Shark, touch or right click on the bid in the Auction list and a description will come up.
  • Touch or hover over a hand tray at any time to get a cumulative description of the hand based on the auction.
  • If you are not sure how Shark will understand your bid before you make it touch and hold the bid on the bidding keyboard or right click it and a description of what Shark will understand will come up.
  • iPad/iPhone only, to avoid wrong bids, turn on 'Touch and Hold to bid' from Settings. With this option on, when you touch a bid, you get a confirmation prompt with an explanation of the bid. If you like it take it, or pick something else.